INFORMS Case Study

Site Redesign Enhances User Experience and Pathways

Beaconfire RED redesigned INFORMS’ website to feature a modern, interactive user experience with targeted and strategic content, resulting in a lower bounce rate and higher lead generation.

“Hard to be more excited about this site.” Jeff Cohen, Director, Public Affairs & Marketing

Old INFORMS Website

 New INFORMS Website

Implementing Storytelling and Strategic Content to Further Lead Gen

INFORMS, a member-based website, required a site refacing to cater to both members and visitors. Beaconfire RED approached this redesign targeting three key elements: User Experience, Site Content, and Branding.

USER EXPERIENCE: Following the storytelling model, Beaconfire RED created strategic pathways for each potential member so that every step of the journey, from the initial point of contact with the site through the completion of their membership, proved to be interactive and engaging. With clear calls to action and a refined lead nurturing process, the visitor finds his next steps throughout the website to be logical and easy to navigate.

SITE CONTENT: We proceeded to develop targeted and customized content for each demographic visiting INFORMS so that each visitor would encounter relevant and useful content, resulting in a lower bounce rate. Through the simplification of site content, Beaconfire RED was able to adequately showcase the incredible member benefits and opportunities.

BRANDING: Finally, we implemented unified branding across all channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Meeting and Journal sites, etc. so that every encounter with any aspect of INFORMS produces an equally enhanced user experience with compelling, succinct content.


QUESTION: What is the analysis of INFORMS success? I.e. What is the ROI? Were there increases in conversion rates, visits per month, etc.?

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